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Tekeyan Cultural Union of Armenia was founded in Yerevan on November 5, 1990. The foundation of the Union appeared to be the rebirth of the Tekeyan Cultural Union in 1947 in Beirut, which has had a unique role in the educational, scientific, cultural and publishing activities of the Armenian Diaspora.

During all these thirty years, the Union’s mission has been maintaining and disseminating the Armenian culture, publicising Armenian artists in their Motherland and beyond its boundaries. This mission nowadays remains unchanged: through its website - – the Union remains loyal to its mission of preserving its culture, introducing the Armenian culture exclusively, distinguished Armenian authors and artists and their works. The website’s particular importance is also attributed to the daily newsfeed. The news bulletin is meant to cover events of particular public interest from Armenia and beyond its boundaries.

Although the Union has been promoting solely cultural projects so far, we are planning to broaden the framework of our activities, covering artists and organisations abroad.

Since the very day of its foundation, the Union has developed activities to maintain and support the Armenian identity and the ties between the Motherland and Diaspora. The Union has been the key host, welcoming art groups from the Armenian Diaspora and facilitating the presence of artists from Armenia in Armenian communities worldwide. Nowadays, the Union also keeps organising art exhibitions, book presentations, movie sessions and a variety of other cultural events.

“Tekeyan” Cultural Union of Armenia has established strong bonds also with the Armenian schools named after the renowned poet, organising cultural and educational-methodological projects.

Due to its multifaceted activities, the “Tekeyan” cultural Union has become a well-known and acknowledged cultural institution. In different years, the Union was led by different distinguished individuals – famed film director Frunzeh Dovlatian, a renowned specialist in the theory of literature, and Academician Levon Mkrtchyan. The diamond-decked golden medal “Ararat” of “Tekeyan” Cultural Union was founded upon their initiative. The medal has been granted to people of considerable contribution to the development of Armenians and Armenian national culture. Since 1992, the Union has also held culture and literature awards ceremonies – “Vahan Tekeyan” and “Haykashen Uzunian”.

From 2003 to the present, the “Tekeyan” Cultural Union has been presided over by the Honoured Man of Culture of the Republic of Armenia, Doctor of History, Professor Ruben Mirzakhanyan.

The Charter of the Organisation is attached below.