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“Haykashen Uzunian” award

“Haykashen Uzunian” award was launched in 1966. The award bears the name of a distinguished social and political activist in the Armenian Diaspora – Haykashen Uzunian.

The award is granted to the best works in literature, arts, and humanities in Diaspora and Armenia.

* The award winners, together with the “Haykashen Uzunian” award, also receive a monetary reward. 

*After the death of the founder of the award, his daughters maintained the award alive, granting the “Haykashen Uzunian” literary award of the Cultural Union “Tekeyan” in Armenia to the most notable figures of Armenian literature.

Here is the list of the winners of the “Haykashen Uzunian” award of the Cultural Union “Tekeyan” in Armenia.