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“Vahan Tekeyan” awards

“Tekeyan” Cultural Union of Armenia has been granting “Vahan Tekeyan” award since 1992. Since 2003 the award-granting procedure has become regulated, being celebrated on an annual basis.

*The medal winners receive a monetary reward and a “Vahan Tekeyan” award. This award has been granted 28 times, welcoming hundreds of artists from Armenia, Artsakh, and the Armenian Diaspora.
The “Vahan Tekeyan” awards celebration takes place at the Tekeyan Cultural Union of Armenia upon the initiative of Tekeyan Cultural  Unions in the USA and Canada and due to the financial support of “Shakeh Tekeyan-Ghazaryan” foundation. 

The awards are granted under a variety of nominations aimed at appreciating the best representatives of the spheres of culture and science. Over two hundred activists, specialists, and representatives of culture, science, and arts in recent years have received this award.

In 2022, the Vahan Tekeyan award was granted under the following nominations: “Literature”, “Armenian Studies”, “Visual Arts”, “Theatre Arts”, “Journalism”, and “Artistic Photography”.

The information on the principles of the awards is disseminated by the Tekeyan Cultural Union of Armenia through mass media, detailing the application deadlines and the eligibility principles.

From 2023, the respective participation applications will be submitted online, attaching the respective subject-matter works – a book, painting, link, etc. – in electronic format.

*All the works submitted for the awards will be available for all website visitors.

*The applications are assessed by a professional commission whose personalities are kept secret, avoiding any contact with participants.

*All the participants are invited to the conclusive “Vahan Tekeyan” event, during which the Chairs of the commissions above announce the winners and/or the merits of the works submitted with the respective reviews of the commission members.